In addition to its governance committees (Executive and Finance), the Commission has four committees to further develop and organize its work. Each committee was a basic charter to guide its work. The goal is to have the committees develop plans and programs in key areas for board approval. Committees include voting members of the Commission board as well as others who bring specific skills or experience to the committee’s work. If you would like to participate in one of our committees, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

    Courts Committee

    The purpose of the Courts Committee shall be to assist the Commission in identifying and recommending proposed changes to ensure that Wisconsin courts and tribunals are safe, accessible, meaningful and convenient for their users.

    • Howard Bichler
    • Patricia Hanson
    • Mitch
    • Hon. C.A. Richards

    Delivery of Legal Services Committee

    The purpose of the Delivery of Legal Services Committee shall be to assist the Commission in developing and implementing strategies that support the Commission’s goal of achieving continuous improvement in Wisconsin’s legal services delivery system.

    • Angela Schultz, Chair
    • James Gramling
    • Mitch
    • Jeff Timm
    • Hon. Michael Dwyer

    Public Awareness Committee

    The purpose of the Public Awareness Committee shall be to assist the Commission in increasing public education about and support for meeting the civil legal needs of low income Wisconsin residents.

    • Maurice Rice, Chair
    • Ben Obregon
    • Angela Schultz
    • Sue Sorenson
    • Jeff Unger
    • Beth Ann Richlen

    Resource Development Committee

    The purpose of the Resource Development Committee shall be to assist the Commission by developing recommendations on long-term funding solutions for both civil legal services and the Commission.

    • Robyn Thibado, Chair
    • Sarah Diedrick-Kasdorf
    • Dan Hoff
    • Marsha Mansfield
    • Susan Sorenson

    Executive Committee

    • Jim Gramling, President
    • Howard Bichler, Treasurer
    • Robyn Thibado, Secretary
    • Susan Sorenson

    Finance Committee

    • Howard Bichler, Chair
Escaping Abuse

Ramona’s father and brothers physically and emotionally abused her throughout her childhood in her home country. They poured boing water on her, whipped her with wire cords, kept her as an unpaid servant and refused her any education. They also refused to allow her to marry. As an adult, the physical abuse continued, neighbors did nothing and her future in her home country was bleak, with only physical abuse and long, hard physical labor ahead.
Then, Ramona’s father sent her to the United States to care for a relative and to work, without pay, in a family gas station. Ramona sought help the Catholic Charities Legal Services for Immigrants program (LSI). LSI filed an asylum petition for Ramona and an immigration judge granted her request for asylum as an immigrant victim of domestic violence. The client now has control of her life and doesn’t have to live in fear.

Committee Files

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