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Just words

What’s in a word? Quite a bit actually. Whether it is a single word like justice or a concept like equal justice, words convey basic information and complex thoughts about what matters to us. Wordle is a free web service that helps you visualize the frequency of words in a selection of text that you provide. The larger a word appears, the more times it appears in the text that was analyzed. Sometimes it’s useful and other times simply interesting.

The word cloud below was generated by Wordle from the hundreds of pages of transcripts that reflect the statements, questions and suggestions from people who spoke at the public hearings on access to justice that the Commission sponsored last year. Our full report and recommendations is being developed, so this is just an interesting detour along the way. When you look at this visualization of the words used by dozens of speakers, what do you see? Click the image to see a larger view.

Wordle: Wisconsin Access to Justice Hearings

Commission to meet on February 28

The next meeting of the Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission will be on February 28 2013, at the State Law Library in Madison. We will be meeting first with the Wisconsin Supreme Court beginning at 10 am and our annual meeting will follow at noon. More information and the agenda will be posted soon.