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Healthy Adults

For the past ten years, Greg suffered from a host of medical and mental ailments. He was unemployed, uninsured, and homeless. Other agencies had attempted to help him in the past, but his health and living arrangements presented too many barriers. Prior to meeting with legal aid staff at ABC for Health, Greg felt completely helpless and had attempted three times to take his own life.
ABC started by enrolling Greg in SafeLink, which provides a free cell phone to low-income individuals. This simple act proved priceless as ABC attorneys and advocates were able to stay in close contact with Greg as they pieced together his relevant medical, employment, and financial information. ABC was able to help Greg overcome multiple processing errors by the county human service office, administrative hurdles at his local Social Security office, and a wrongful denial of public benefits. Greg was ultimately approved for disability benefits that allow him to obtain the medical treatment and prescriptions he needs. His disability benefits helped him pay for an apartment in town. Now, Greg is back working part time and is enjoying, as Greg puts it, “his new chance at life.”

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