The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission was created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court at the request of the State Bar of Wisconsin to aid the courts in improving the administration of justice. Our mission is to develop and encourage means of expanding access to the civil justice system for unrepresented low-income Wisconsin residents. Achieving such an ambitious objective will require great effort and a long-term commitment from everyone who has a stake in equal justice under law for every Wisconsin resident. We are prepared to make that commitment and we invite you to join us in our efforts to ensure equal justice for all.

Civil legal aid is a flexible, innovative network of organizations that makes sure people can get help with their legal problems. Civil legal aid assures fairness for all in the justice system, regardless of how much money you have. Civil legal aid makes it easier to access information—whether through easy-to-understand forms; legal information or representation; and legal self-help centers, so people can know their rights. Civil legal aid helps streamline the court system and cuts down on court costs.

Civil legal aid also strengthens our communities. No community thrives when people are homeless, children are out of school, sick people are unable to get health care, families experience violence, or consumers are defrauded. Equal access to justice contributes to healthy communities and a strong, fair economy for all.


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