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Access to justice requires a steady commitment of time, money and effort.  Members of the commission are all volunteers and donate a considerable amount of their time every month. But everything else that we do to support and expand access for Wisconsin residents has some cost. We need your support in the manner that best fits your resources, your time and your experience.

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Helping Parents

Julio is a young father of three. When he came to Centro Legal, he and the mother of his children had separated after a long, stormy relationship. The mother moved the children out of Wisconsin. Julio had grave concerns about the welfare of the children and his ability to continue as a strong father figure in their lives. Centro Legal helped Julio request a modification of child placement in court. After multiple hearings over the course of nearly a year, the court held a trial. After the first day of trial, the parties were able to agree that both parents should have substantial periods of placement with the children. Julio’s concerns about his children’s’ education and development were also addressed. He became the primary caretaker of the children, established a new home for them and was well situated to start the next phase of his life.