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Raising Public Awareness

As part of its outreach efforts, the Commission convened a series of six public hearings in communities across Wisconsin to gather and highlight information about the current state of access to justice. Hearings were held in Green Bay, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau and La Crosse. At each hearing, advocates for equal justice and members of the community had a chance to share with the Commission and community leaders what they saw as the challenges and opportunities ahead. The Commission’s summary of the issues raised in the hearings and its recommendations are presented in its report, The State of Equal Justice in Wisconsin.

What can you do? Help us spread the word about what’s working and what’s not working with access to civil legal help for low-income and vulnerable Wisconsin residents. Members of the Commission and staff are available to speak at your events or to groups in your community about how you can get involved in supporting equal justice for all. We also have public outreach materials that you can incorporate into your planning and services.

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